The Cameron Group, Inc.

Cameron's Quick Reaction Team History


The Cameron Group, Inc, (Cameron) is an energy focused, engineering and consulting company with a strong history in the development of advanced technology solutions to the problems and opportunities of electrical power generation. Our focus on energy disciplines and power generation plants design produce economically viable Facilities. And our concentration on the fundamental technologies that underlie these Facilities permit us to be active in the nuclear, solar, coal, and gas-fired power generation businesses domestically while maintaining a clear vision of the way to bring these power generation capabilities to the needs of other countries.

While formally celebrating our tenth year of incorporation in the State of California, Cameron's heritage reaches back another 10 years into the Space Power Corporation (SPI) and into Cameron Consulting International. When the backgrounds of our principals are added to the mix, in the heritage experiences of companies such as Lockheed Martin, United Technologies, General Electric, GTE Government Systems, Toshiba, Litton, PG&E, Westinghouse, and the United States Government these involvements also play a key role in shaping the character and content of our company. As a result, the members of Cameron's technical staff have been actively recruited as government and industry advisors, sitting on review boards, safety and licensing panels and counseling some of the most advanced technology developers in power generation in use today.

Specifically, Cameron embraces areas of expertise that include nuclear power plant design, renewable / solar power generation facilities, steam generator design, licensing and safety analysis of large power generation plants, operation of power plants in remote areas like the Antarctic, Civil Engineering and construction of power plants, special power plant design to reduce vulnerability to air or land attack or natural catastrophes. Our consultants and individual contributors are expert analysts of advanced structural and mechanical computer analysis & design programs, analyzing the most complex and detailed structures and their interfaces. Our consultants also have a unique specialty in nuclear fuel design and the characterization and complexity of nuclear reactor cores, using advanced computer modeling techniques. These techniques are also used in our heat transfer equation modeling as we design and specify heat pipe characterization, heat exchanger configurations, and steam generator internal designs. Our expertise in these areas has brought us international attention and reputation from Norway to Japan and to the United States where we are currently advising on the development of advanced Traveling Wave Reactor steam generator concepts.

As independent consultants, The Cameron Group is not affiliated with nor do we partner with any equipment suppliers, manufacturers or sources of `follow-on' work for any agency for whom we consult. We are completely independent in this regard and count among our clients the highest level of worldwide energy generators. Our internal staff of PhDs, and Masters level analysts, coupled with our strong Professional Engineering (PE) Core provide governments and other corporate entities a way to independently check their designs, create an analysis of project feasibility, to identify, analyze, manage, and mitigate risk, and ultimately to successfully conclude a project's lifecycle phases.

In agreeing to form Cameron, the key individuals recognized that only by providing the highest quality technical insight and operational experience could we achieve a consistent reputation and brand presence in the energy industry. Each individual is carefully reviewed, interviewed, and recruited for their individual talents and corporate achievement level prior to joining The Cameron Group. Represented at the Cameron Board of Directors are former directors of the Energy Laboratories of the United States, former Military Commanders with nuclear plant development and construction experience, Commercial and financial executives who help us with contractual and litigation matters, principals and founders of other energy firms and advisors to the American Nuclear Society's safety and licensing committees.

Technologies and Applications

Because of the rich history and prior experience of selected and recruited Cameron personnel, there exists a strong, complementary set of skills ideally matched to the Feasibility studies at hand.

Along with their prior experiences, members of the professional staff at Cameron have had both technical and managerial responsibility in the planning, design, manufacture, delivery and build-out of power plants and their equipment, systems, and subsystems and the Balance of Plant (BOP) elements. In this regard, corporate capabilities at Cameron cover most aspects of power plants, as well as the convergence of emerging technologies and their applications to these environments.

Below is listed a partial set of examples of those skills.

  • Project and Program Management
  • Systems Engineering and Process Control
  • Requirements Management
  • International Experience
  • Engineering, Configuration Management
  • Drawing Review and Approval
  • Specification Preparation and Validation
  • Thermal Hydraulic and Stress Calculations
  • High Temperature Materials Analysis
  • MATLAB and RELAP5 Simulations
  • Waterhammer Analyses for Steam Lines
  • Acoustic and combustion dynamics loads analysis
  • GE gas turbine familiarity
  • Choked nozzle design improvements
  • Flow inductor technologies for vibration reduction
  • Relief Valve and acoustic resonance analyses
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics analyses
  • Fluid-Structure analysis for buckling predictions
  • Construction of High Voltage Power Systems
  • Cogeneration, Industrial Plants
  • Structural Analysis
  • Technical and economic analysis
  • Fuel Cycle Analysis
  • Plant Startup and Decommissioning

Areas of Specialization

Since its incorporation in 2004, The Cameron Group has had an emphasis on Engineering, Energy, Education, and Environment. Our current organization chart consists of Energy — Nuclear, Gas & Solar Power Systems Consulting, Space and Technology Development, and Systems and Business Process Engineering Consulting. All of these areas of specialization have an educational and an environmental component to them as we seek to consult, advise, and mentor government agencies, existing corporations as well as new start ups in the technologies with which we have `world class' experience and people. All three areas of The Cameron Group's specialization will contribute synergistically to the accomplishment of the goals of a client's project.

Energy — Nuclear, Gas & Solar Power Systems Consulting

  • Economic and Financial Analyses
  • Structural Analysis
  • Thermal Hydraulics Analysis
  • Solar and thermal design analysis & optimization
  • Power generation in Combustion and Solar Plants
  • Simple Cycle, Combined Cycle and Cogeneration plants
  • F Class Turbine Project Experience
  • Equipment Specifications
  • Plant Configuration & Plant Lay-out
  • Front End Engineering & Development (FEED) Packages
  • Plant Production Potential Calculations
  • Electrical One Line Diagrams
  • Plant Process Flow Diagrams
  • Piping and Instrumentation Diagrams
  • Geotechnical studies, determining foundations and overall plant construction including Balance of Plant (BOP) elements
  • Civil Works and Construction
  • Power Project Cost Estimation & Schedule Calculation
  • Electrical Grid Interconnection Studies
  • EPC Turnkey Tender Documents Package Preparation
  • Technology Review and Technical Evaluation
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Licensing Process
  • Design and Operations
  • Probabilistic Risk Assessment
  • Safety Analysis Reports
  • Advanced & Fast Reactor Design
  • High Temp Materials
  • Supervision of Construction
  • Codes and Standards
  • Project Management
  • Testing Verification and Validation to Specifications
  • Commissioning Oversight

Space and Technology Development

  • Space systems platforms
  • Space propulsion
  • Systems consulting
  • Space systems orbital debris recovery consulting
  • Low energy nuclear reactor experimental analysis
  • Hall Effect Thruster design and development
  • Energy Conversion Design & Optimization
  • Threat-Standoff (WMD) Protection
  • Very High Temp Technology & Materials
  • Space Nuclear Reactor
  • Systems Engineering
  • R&D evolution to applications

Systems and Business Process Engineering Consulting

  • Program, Prime and Sub-Contract Management
  • Requirements Specification, Validation and Tracking
  • Management Information Systems
  • Software Engineering — Programming in C++, SQL,
  • Hardware and Software Integration
  • Systems Engineering, Requirements and Architecting
  • Digital & RF Systems, Wireless Networks, Path Calculations (Loss, Fresnel Zone)
  • Networks — IP, Fibre, LTE, iSCSI, RF, Satellite
  • Communications & Security
  • Android Platforms showing Moving Maps with COIs/COPs
  • Systems Design & Development
  • Quality Assurance, Quality Control, Configuration Mgmt.
  • Proposals, Briefings & White Papers

Principals at the Cameron Group

This remarkable set of executives has experience across all the relevant technologies and business operations that our customers demand. Their international and commercial level of responsibility and presence as well as their level of service in the U.S. Government speak to the high regard that our selected clients hold for the individuals and their combined corporate expertise.

Charles Boardman Chuck Boardman — Executive Vice President
Mr. Boardman has more than 30 years of experience in the design and optimization of advanced reactors at General Electric's Advanced Reactors Department. As Manager Systems and Plant Engineering Mr. Boardman and his team were responsible for the NI and BOP portions of the plant. Specific areas of responsibility included the design of containment, intermediate heat transport, decay heat removal, power generation, and the sodium heated steam generators and associated pressure relief systems.

Dr. Edward 'Ned'Britt Dr. Edward (Ned) Britt — Chief Scientist, Senior Vice President, and Member, Board of Directors
Dr. Britt has over 30 years experience in R&D management. Some areas of research and development have included space nuclear reactor systems, thermionic energy conversion, low energy plasma physics, laser concepts, and various other aspects of space power and propulsion. Dr. Britt is a co-founder of several research corporations including Rasor Associates, Inc; Space Power, Inc; International Scientific Products, and Russian-American Joint Stock Company INERTEK. Dr. Britt was President and CEO of Space Power, Inc when Pratt & Whitney acquired it in July 2000.

Dr. Ron Clark Dr. Ron Clark — Senior Vice President, Corporate Advisor, Missions and Systems Technologies
Dr. Ron Clark founded Space Orbital Services Corporation to establish a commercial space business to provide transport and service for in-space satellite systems. Currently, the only way to service any of the more than 800 satellites in space is with the space shuttle and astronaut "hands-on" support. Today's robotic technologies when integrated with a service satellite provide a capability to transport, repair, or service many of the existing satellites. Dr. Clark began working with in-space service systems while he was the Director of Future Concepts and Analysis for Lockheed Martin Space Systems. While there he was responsible for Future Concepts, Mission Analysis, System Architecture, and management of the Internal Research & Development Programs for Space Systems.

Chandra Kakarala Dr. Chandra Kakarala — Senior Consultant, Steam Generators and T/H Design
Dr. Kakarala, a Senior Consultant for The Cameron Group in the areas of Steam Generator Design and Thermal/Hydraulic Analysis, has extensive experience in the design, development, testing, and analysis of various steam generators and specialty heat exchangers for application in water, sodium, and high temperature helium nuclear reactors. He has provided technical consultation to various DOE projects on steam generators for nuclear reactor plants. He is currently serving as a technical advisor on coal based thermal power projects.

Dr. Mahadeo Patel Dr. Mahadeo Patel — Director, Structural Analysis
Dr Patel was at General Electric Company for 30 years with successive responsibilities for: 1) DOE development programs for structural/seismic analysis methods, finite element codes, and design criteria for LMR and Space Reactor structures and core components; 2) Analyses of pressure boundary, internal structures, and core components for US and Japanese LMRs for design basis loads and beyond design basis events including energetic core disruption and core melt accidents; 3) Analysis and ASME qualification of the Lungmen plant (new GE ABWR) reactor structures and control rods; 4) Analysis and ASME qualification of repair/replacement designs for reactor components in existing US and Japanese BWRs. As a consultant since 2004, Dr Patel has provided structural analysis support (GE, EXELON, Toshiba, Hitachi, Areva, Westinghouse) in repair/replacement of BWR components including steam dryers, core shrouds, core spray lines, spargers, jet pump components, sensing lines, ECCS strainers and piping.

David Paul Dr. David Paul — President and CEO
David Paul is a retired Colonel with the US Air Force who has been in Space Systems and Engineering for over 32 years. His latest position was at Pratt-Whitney, as the Business Operations Director Responsible for $180M in program revenue, EVMS reporting, Business practices, and negotiations. Worked with contracts, finance, controller, program managers, material and procurement. Was responsible for policy and practices in program management and cost improvement initiatives

Dr. Bill Webster Dr. Bill Webster — Senior Vice President - Business Process Design and Product Development
Seasoned Technology Business Management / Systems Development Director, skilled in designing, building and enhancing business operations. Skilled in Sarbanes Oxley audits. Team Leader in Program Management, experienced in managing project schedules for Software / Systems / Networking, he identifies and analyzes system and data functional flows, specializing in financial risk and operations risk identification. Very strong data element analyst with deep profile background in large analytical and data processing systems. Documentation specialist for inventory, brokerage, transportation, and commodity systems. Reputation for big picture thinking, adapting quickly and establishing processes. Most recently, some engagements used SQL Servers for On-Line eCommerce Fulfillment Operations.

Robert D. Woehl Robert D. Woehl — Senior Vice President, Nuclear Consulting
Bob Woehl is the Vice President of Nuclear Operations at The Cameron Group in Fremont, California and directs Cameron's power business development and environmental infrastructure development. He has been with the Cameron Group formally since July 2009.

Corporate Experience and Clients Served

  • Toshiba
  • General Electric
  • TerraPower
  • Lockheed Martin
  • Boeing Space Systems
  • Loral Space Systems
  • Areva Solar