Board of Directors

Dr. Samit Bhattacharyya – Chairman, Board of Directors; Advanced Nuclear Technology and Applications

Dr. Samit K. Bhattacharyya is President of RENMAR Enterprises, Inc, a Technical and Management Consulting Services Company. The company serves a broad portfolio of government and private sector clients in the area of advanced nuclear technology and applications. Currently, he is an Advisor to NASA on its Space Nuclear power and propulsion activities, and to the USDOE on several projects. Dr. Bhattacharyya is a former Director of the Technology Development Division at Argonne National Laboratory and he was also a Director of Savannah River National Laboratory. His areas of expertise include: Nuclear Power Technology (Physics, Safety, Design and Engineering) and deployment strategies; fast, thermal and transient reactors; space nuclear power and propulsion technologies and deployment strategies; technologies for the backend of the nuclear fuel cycle, including spent fuel management, reprocessing, stable waste form development and decommissioning and decontamination technologies; arms control and non-proliferation technologies, reduced enrichment research and test reactor technologies; fusion technologies; laser processing and applications; aerosol technologies and advanced simulation and modeling technologies

Dr. C. Robert Kenley – Member, Board of Directors, Chairman of the Ethics Committee; Secretary of the Corporation; Associate Professor, Purdue University; Systems Engineering, Risk Assessment, Business Process Engineering

Dr. Kenley has extended experience in Cost-Based Value Engineering (VE). Dr. Kenley also has significant working experience in focused VE analysis of the Task Alternatives for Enterprise Architecture Study task trade-offs. Dr. Kenley has frequently supplied expertise in Value Engineering Methods, Risk Analysis, Modeling and analysis using Statistical Methods to help evolve the Enterprise Architecture Study and the selection of optimal tasks as determined by the Value Engineering discipline, the Entry and Exit Criteria for these tasks and the risks associated with each such Work Product element.

Mike Tresko – Member of the Board of Directors; Chairman of the Audit and Compensation Committees; CFO, Treasurer; Finance, Contracts, Cost Analysis  

Mr. Tresko has both an MBA (Management Sciences)and BS (Business Administration) from California State University of the East Bay. Over 15 years managing and growing both revenue and margin through project cost control, and finance and operations management. Extensive experience in new business and cost proposal development, and project evaluation and venture analysis. Successful track record in structuring new business deals and managing operations. Reputation for big picture thinking, adapting quickly, establishing processes, and working special projects. Secret Clearance Current (EBI Last Current 2000). Mr. Tresko was employed by Lockheed Martin Commercial Space Systems, Sunnyvale California as a new business financial manager for North American Sales. He was responsible for sales of Commercial Programs (Telecommunications Satellites). Provided new business cost volumes on large satellite deals. Mr. Tresko provided cost volume, cash flow and investment return information on more than 30 proposals annually; more than 10 deals (worth over $2.5B) in new business were won by LM. He also modeled and analyzed several investment opportunities including the $1.5B Asia Telecommunications Joint Venture, leading to LM’s investment in the venture.

Dr. Edward J. “Ned” Britt – Chief Scientist; Member, Board of Directors, Chairman, Strategy and Tactics Committee

BS, Engineering Physics, University of Arizona; Ph.D., Nuclear Engineering, University of Arizona. Dr. Britt has over 40 years experience in analytical research, engineering design, laboratory testing, and R&D management. Some areas of research and development have included space nuclear reactor systems, thermionic energy conversion, low energy plasma physics, laser concepts, and various other aspects of space power, propulsion and weapons detection. Dr. Britt is a co-founder of several research corporations including Cameron Technology Development Company, Rasor Associates, Inc; Space Power, Inc; International Scientific Products, and Russian- American Joint Stock Company INERTEK. Dr Britt was President and CEO of Space Power, Inc. when it was acquired by Pratt & Whitney Space Propulsion Division of United Technologies Corp.

Dr.Larry Capots – Member of the Board of Directors, Strategy and Tactics Committee

As a member of Cameron’s Board of Directors and also a key contributor to the Strategy and Tactics Committee, Dr. Capots takes full advantage of his 40 plus years in the Aerospace industry and his 22 years of service at the Advanced Technology Center (ATC) and 5 years in Mission Success (MS) at Lockheed Martin.  Prior to that he held high level positions at Loral Space (Director of IR&D), Computer Technology Associates Inc. (VP and CTO), Southwest Research Institute and Fairchild Space Systems (Senior Engineering Manager  and Director of IR&D).   Larry has been responsible for the design, development, and delivery of flight hardware for civil and military space programs.  He is the inventor of the Solid State Recorder (SSR) which changed the flight data recording market as these recorders became an enabling technology for advanced space communication architectures and high bandwidth satellite imagery.  

Upon joining Lockheed, he managed the Innovative Initiative portion of the ATC IRAD portfolio and contributed many forward thinking concepts that have opened the aerospace community to distributed architectures for space platforms and he is the inventor of ultra-efficient spacecraft structures for high power communications payloads.  He has led Independent Review Teams, where he used his excellent technical insights to drive to the root cause of problems.

Larry is a graduate of Georgetown University in Washington, DC where he received his M.S. and Ph.D. in Low Temperature Solid State Physics.  He received his BS in Physics from Youngstown State University in Ohio.

Larry is also a Certified Flight Instructor Instrument (SEL, MEL, and CFI), FAA Gold Seal Instructor, and he holds an ATP (Airline Transport Pilot) certificate.  He remains active in teaching today.

Dr. Ron Clark – Member of the Board of Directors, Strategy and Tactics Committee; Senior Vice President, Space Systems and Technology Development; Space Architecture and Technology Applications, Advanced Technology, Sensing Systems and Physics

Ph.D. Solid State Physics, Florida State University B.A., Physics and Math, Arkansas State University. “Hands on” experimental physicist with high level systems integration experience. Currently conducting and analyzing Low Energy Nuclear Fusion Experiments from his laboratory. Dr Clark also initiated and led new campaign for a $1B+ In-Space Transportation System. Managed IRAD efforts for Lockheed Martin Space Systems. Created architecture for next generation, $3.5B GPS III system. System Architect for multiple communication system development. Successfully led capture efforts for $5B+ space communication campaign: AEHF. Managed efforts for the National Space Communications System. Created 30 person team to develop and evaluate architectures for advanced energy, sensor, and satellite systems. Created and/or led multiple projects and/or campaigns in areas including energy systems, astrophysics, computer-based simulation, optics, communication, and other technical areas. Led advanced projects office in classified programs. Created and led 100 person Technology Applications department at the Lockheed Space Systems R&D Center in less than 3 years, winning over $150M of external R&D contracts. Created and managed $350M/yr technology department at DARPA for DoD. Created and managed multiple R&D projects for the US Navy.

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