Systems Engineering

We have actually crawled inside the ISS modules (on the ground)!!

Our experts have, collectively, hundreds of years of experience in Project, Program, and Portfolio Management (PPM), including some of the largest and most sensitive prime contracts in US history. We helped write the book at all levels of management and engineering, with members active in the Project Management Institute (PMI) and the International Council on Systems Engineering (INCOSE). That means we are also experts on subdisciplines such as requirements management, risk management, technical and organizational integration, business analysis, product planning and development, leadership development, and employee engagement.

  • Prime and Sub-Contract Management
  • Program and Project Management
  • Requirements Elicitation & Management
  • Systems Architecting & Design
  • Systems Engineering, the cross-functional, systems-thinking discipline as defined by INCOSE
  • Hardware and Software Integration
  • Engineering & Business Process Capture & Improvement
  • Leadership Development
  • Website & Blog Development
  • Proposals, Briefings & White Papers by our Quick Reaction Team

Dr. Bill Webster – Executive Vice President, Business Processes and Systems Engineering

Ph.D., Electrical Engineering, Cornell University. Quickly turned six startups and three divisions of major corporations into strong growth businesses. Leads the Business Processes Consulting Team for Cameron clients’ programs, providing current solutions, toolsets, metrics, facilities, training. Founder, CEO in 3 startups and joined 3 others as executive in1st round tranche, all were acquired. C-Level Executive with previous roles as Vice President, Engineering – Litton, Vice President – Engineering, Netconvergence. For Areva Solar, world-leader in large (250MW) solar facilities, delivered 30 processes, metrics, training in Engineering and Supply Chain Management. Skilled in Sarbanes Oxley audits. Team Leader in Program Management and Process Definition for enhancing business operations. Algorithm Development and Systems Architecture. His most recent engagements used distributed multi-modal sensor data collection devices in a secure real time communications network. Marketed and was Program Manager for two firms for a place in the NIE Field Systems Networking Exercise. Networked hundreds of Commercial Smartphones: App – Situational Awareness moving location maps, R/T video, VoIP. Proposed and installed over 20 commercial Fixed Broadband Wireless Systems worldwide. Started TCGI, created & deployed 30 Weather Radar / Satellite Stations, world-wide, developed Ephemeris fast-calculation equations / SW for Satellite Tracking using just a Mini-computer. Conceived, designed, prototyped original Terrain-Following Radar now on all Combat Aircraft / Tanks. Patent – Power Consumption Control for Integrated Circuits (enabling PC / Laptop SLEEP mode operation).

Dr. William A. Good –Senior Vice President, Space Operations; Program Manager, Vehicle Based Screening

Dr. Good has broad subject matter expertise and experience in management, aerospace transportation systems, nuclear reactor design, safety, and security; metallurgical and materials engineering, and information technology. He has managed projects, systems engineering, and operations research for space commerce, multimodal transportation, global logistics support, risk analysis, security operations, and innovation management for a variety of airline, aerospace, mineral extraction, and intermodal transportation companies and agencies including ESTS Corporation, the Missile Defense Agency, Halliburton, McDonnell Douglas, Martin Marietta, Rockwell, TRW, and US Marine Corps Reserve. Dr. Good has built his expertise not only across a broad range of industries, but also vertically, mastering numerous skills and applications for computer-aided engineering, statistical analysis, dashboard analysis, programming, networking, enterprise resource planning, and geological resource extraction. Adding a coolness factor, he has more than 30,000 hours piloting over 100 types of military and commercial aircraft. Dr. Good has earned his Doctor of Management in TQM and Statistical Process Control, Masters of Engineering degrees in Space Operations and Metallurgical and Materials Engineering, an MBA in Quantitative Analysis for Operations Research, and numerous professional certificates, certifications, and honors. He also holds CSEP, CISSP, and CCNP certification

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