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Space Systems and Technology Development

We specialize in mission and systems design. We are space systems architects and we know how multiple wavelength sensor systems work together. We are experts in the design of systems-of-systems architectures and we are currently developing concepts and hardware to effect the recovery, retrieval, and repositioning of space assets. We are experts in space systems engineering, customer advocacy, requirements elicitation, and space systems (satellite) design and development. Our Program Managers have over 30 years experience in Earth Remote Sensing, GPS and Advanced GPS, Classified systems and their architecture.

Featured Products

  • Vehicle-Based Threat Detection System for WMD Stand-off More > >
  • Hall Effect Thruster design and development More > >


Members of The Cameron Group, Inc., include experts who engage in…

Space Systems Architecture and Design

  • Space Systems Orbital Debris Recovery
  • Space Nuclear Reactors
  • Low Energy Nuclear Reactor Experimental Analysis
  • Electric / Ion Propulsion More > >
  • Earth Remote Sensing
  • GPS and Advanced GPS
  • Space Asset Repositioning, Recovery, and Retrieval
  • Conventional Solar and Thermal Design, Analysis, & Optimization

Technology Development

  • Threat-Standoff (WMD) Protection More > >
  • Energy Conversion Design & Optimization
  • Very High Temperature Technology & Materials
  • R&D evolution from ideation to application More > >
  • Android Platform COIs/COPs
  • Digital & RF Systems
  • Sensors & Control
  • Communications & Security

Some space and technology customers of The Cameron Group, Inc., have included AREVA Solar, Pratt and Whitney Rocketdyne, Aerojet, SkyCorp, Bruce Power, and Lockheed Martin.

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