Board of Advisors

Cameron’s Board of Advisors is composed of three amazing individuals: Paul Miller, Bob Woehl, and Walt Kwant. All three gentlemen came to Cameron, served more than 10 years in significant executive positions and have ‘upped their game’ to the Advisory Board level. We appreciate them and we listen to them. They drop what they’re doing and bring us their insight whenever and wherever we need it.

Paul C. Miller – Program Management
Fifteen plus years’ experience in advanced Nuclear Power design, development, manufacturing and test. Twenty years of experience in Aerospace (satellite and missile) technology and manufacturing. Good team-building and problem-solving skills. Experienced in all aspects of program management and systems engineering on high technology programs. Knowledgeable in subcontract management and proposal development, as well as cost reduction efforts and design trade-off studies.

Robert D. Woehl – Nuclear Consulting
Bob graduated from Notre Dame University with a BS in Electrical Engineering and resides in Alamo California. Bob Woehl was our Vice President of nuclear operations and directed Cameron’s business development. Bob Woehl served as the Nuclear Regional Manager for the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI). His primary focus was assistance to eighteen nuclear plants with use of EPRI nuclear technology and resolution of plant technical issues. Previously, Bob was with Pacific Gas & Electric Company for 13 years in Nuclear Power Generation and was responsible for supporting operations and maintenance activities at Diablo Canyon Power Plant in San Luis Obispo. Prior to joining PG&E, Bob served in the United States Navy and retired with 24 years of service having spent most of his career as a submarine officer. He overhauled two attack submarines and made 16 operational patrols during his career on attack and ballistic missile submarines out of Hawaii.

Walter Kwant – Reactor Design Engineering
Walter Kwant received BS and ME degrees in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Illinois, Urbana, Illinois, in 1969 and 1970, respectively. Following graduation, he joined the GE Audio Products Department in Decatur, Illinois, where for 4 years he designed the record changer mechanism for the 45 rpm and 33 rpm vinyl phonographs. Then for two years he joined the GE Switchgear Department in Burlington, Iowa and designed the breaker mechanism for the 1000-3000 Ampere medium Voltage circuit breaker. Next he joined the GE Advanced Reactor Systems Department in Sunnyvale, CA. and he spent 8 years as project engineer, designing, testing and fabricating the secondary control rod drive mechanism for the Clinch River Breeder Reactor. This was followed by 3 years with that department on the large breeder reactor plant project performing design and optimization studies of the decay heat removal system, failed fuel detection and location system and the reactor internal structures. He then joined GE Nuclear Energy for 7 years as manager of the reactor engineering unit designing the reactor for the Advanced Liquid Metal Reactor (ALMR) Plant. This included the design of the reactor vessel, guard vessel, closure head, rotating plug, reactor internal structures, control rod drives, reactor instrumentation, primary heat exchangers and primary electromagnetic pumps. His last 5 years were with GE Nuclear Energy as project manager on the DOE and Japanese utility sponsored programs aimed at developing large, self-cooled, electromagnetic pumps for liquid sodium-cooled fast reactors.

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